Idrobase: Passion for Water

Outdoor Heating & Cooling System


Enjoy your Life Night & Day Line is something new and exciting! The most advanced cooling technology through misting, enclosed in a collection designed for outdoor areas. 

A new style to furnish gardens and any outdoor space for use and pleasure.


We offer an exclusive line of furnishings, with accessories that let you comfortably enjoy the outdoors. These captivating design elements light the surrounding area and offer a convenient table.

Elevating functional products to the status of elegant designer furniture accessories, they light up nights and cool down or warm up days.

Lights that brighten your environment. With Enjoy Your Life, nights are enlivened with a play of shapes and lights.


The Enjoy Your Life products have a misting cooling system that sprays microscopic water droplets into the air, creating a refreshing cloud.


As the atomized water falls towards the ground, it evaporates without wetting people or objects and noticeably reduces the temperature in the surrounding area. The beneficial effect of the misting cloud neutralizes odours, reduces dust and repels insects.

​Our company offers: 

Wholesale and Retail Sales to Professionals and end users   Installation of all systems we provide

• After sales service and support