DEVI DRY for renovations


“Devidry is a new innovative system developed by DEVI especially for dry installations, under wooden floors or carpets.


When floors in flats, houses, basements or patios are renovated, comfort floor heating can be added without using screed or without breaking up the old floor.

The comfort is provided by the Devidry™ Click system which is designed to be in contact with wooden sub or top floorings.


Devidry™ Click system consists of a 8 mm pile providing an underlay with multiple properties

Each of the layer has different properties:

1. Rubber Pile – pressure distribution

2. Connection – fast, sturdy and water proof IPX7

3. Cables – providing 55 W/m2 or 100W/m2

4. Polyester Foil – reinforcing

5. Aluminium Foil – heat distribution

6. PP-Foam – sound reducing and insulating


The result is an all-in-one heating element and underlay for wooden floorings, laminates and carpets.



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