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Sander Hydronic Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating Profi System Standard is a universal and the most popular solution among all dry underfloor heating systems.

Without any doubts its best advantage is weight: only 5 kg/m2 with ground panel. Comparing to traditional wet underfloor heating system even 130 kg/m2 is really light. 
Profi Standard System is ideal for those, who want to minimize burden of ceiling without wasting good thermal insulation. Thanks to EPS styrofoam board Standard System is the lightest among all systems.

Depending on a floor surface you plan to put on the top you can use two different versions of Profi System Standard. In the first one, stabilizing layer lies on a TOP ground panel used as a basis for panels, boards, parquets or carpets. The second solution it to install tiles or natural stone – it should be put on an adhesive mortar reinforced with a special kind of a mat with glass fiber net. If we need a higher load capacity, TOP ground panel can be used also for tiles.


  • the lightest system

  • the best thermal insulation

  • weight with ground panel – around 5 kg/m2

  • thickness (system panels 50 mm and ground panels TOP 4 mm) - 54 mm

  • thickness (system panels 30 mm and ground panels TOP 4 mm) - 34 mm


  • low height of the installation

  • light structures as compared to traditional screed

  • quick response time (small inertia of the system)

  • high capacity

  • energy-saving

  • esthetic values and unlimited possibilities for the arrangement of heated rooms

  • perfect solution for those who suffer from allergies

Technical data

  • panel's thermal resistance R [m2*K/W]: 0.909 (for thickness 30 mm), 1.515 (for thickness 50 mm)

  • panel's heat penetration coefficient U [W/m2*K]: 1.1001 (for thickness 30 mm), 0.660 (for thickness 50 mm)

  • material's mass (without target floor's structure) counting per 1 m2 of area [kg]: 4.30 (for thickness 30 mm), 4.8 (for thickness 50 mm)

  • acceptable load Qk [kN/m]: ≤ 2.0

  • acceptable concentrated load Qk (area≥20cm) [kN]: ≤ 2.0

​Our company offers: 

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