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Heatstrip Outdoor & Indoor Heating Solutions


The Heatstrip Classic is an Australian designed & engineered range of premium quality,

stylish & slimline electric radiant heaters ideal for protected outdoor and indoor heating applications.

This includes your alfresco and outdoor dining area, patio, pergola, veranda, garage and shed,

as well as cafés, restaurants, factories, showrooms, warehouses etc.

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• Stylish, slimline, unobtrusive design
• Efficient, cost effective electric heating
• Significant running cost savings compared to bottled gas heaters
• Radiant heat means gentle comfortable warmth
• Corrosion protected for even the toughest environment
• Easy DIY installation for 3 models and multiple mounting options

• Minimal maintenance

The HEATSTRIP® incorporates no internal moving parts ensuring quiet and virtually maintenance free operation.


  • Complete with adjustable mounting supports suitable for walls and ceilings

  • The device comes with an electric lead and plug. (1500 W + 2400 W) 3200 W no plug

  • The radiation panel itself is black, and produces no red glow

  • Voltage 230V

  • The maximum mounting height is 3.00 m

  • The recommended mounting height is approx. 2.50 m

  • The heaters are certified IP55 waterproof. This means that the Heatstrips are 100% rain and weatherproof

  • The minimum mounting height is 2.10 m, for safety reasons (the radiation panel surface reaches a temperature of at least 350°C)


* 2 year residential warranty (1 year commercial)

Comes also in a Unique “off-white” coating technology

The HEATSTRIP® Elegance

​Our company offers: 

Wholesale and Retail Sales to Professionals and end users  Installation of all systems we provide

• After sales service and support

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