Towel Rails and Mirror Heating


The towel dryer means warm, dry towels for all the family – all day long. 

The towel dryer is easy to install and is ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, utility rooms and holiday homes. 
Our towel dryers are a low-energy product that uses no more current than an ordinary light bulb. 

The designs are modern and look good with all kinds of interior design. 
They are available in different sizes shapes and colors.


Steamed-up mirrors can be irritating. Particularly in small bathrooms where mirrors will quickly steam up. However, a simple and invisible solution to the problem is available: installing a heating mat behind the mirror.

The mat heats the mirror to eliminate the effects of the temperature difference and moisture generated on the surface of the usually colder mirror. You can set up the mirror-heating mat to switch on and off at the same time as the bathroom light. This provides you with ‘no-steam’ comfort, even after a very long, hot bath.

It is easy to fit the heating mat behind the mirror for any experienced DIY enthusiast who follows our installation instructions. However, please remember that connections to the main power supply must be carried out by an authorised electrician. For mirror heating, we recommend DEVIfoil™ Mirror or DEVImat™.   

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