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Danfoss Electric and Electronic Thermostats 

Danfoss Heating provides a comprehensive range of thermostats and programmers for flexible solutions 

Danfoss Link


Wireless temperature control – all around the house.
Danfoss Link is intelligent and wireless communication technology on the inside and stylish on the outside with its timeless design.
For total control of your indoor environment, living connect radiator thermostats work wirelessly with Danfoss Link, bringing you the highest performance in home heating control.
A user-friendly interface with a colourful touchscreen makes operating a Danfoss Link simple. It is one of the most immediate, most convenient and most cost-effective ways to improve your home's energy efficiency

Domestic 2&3 Channel Electronic Programmers with Independent Time Bases FP 715si, FP 975



Fully programmable range of 2 & 3 channel electronic central heating and hot water programmers. Models can be configured at time of installation to provide 24 hour, 5/2 day or 7 day fully independent operation offering ultimate flexibility of control

Programmable Room Thermostats with Digital Display for Heating Applications


Hard Wired Models TP5000, TP7000, TP9000

The TP range of programmable room thermostats combines the functions of a timeswitch and room thermostat, automatically controlling the room temperature at different levels throughout the day and night.

Programmable Room Thermostats (Heat/Cool)


A range of programmable heat/cool room thermostats consisting of 2 series.

The 6000 Series are programmable fan-coil units providing 5/2 day with either 2 or 4 time and temperature events each day.

The 8000 Series are advanced programmable thermostats for use in all types of air-conditioning systems including multi-stage to air heat pumps in the domestic and commercial market

​Our company offers: 

Wholesale and Retail Sales to Professionals and end users   Installation of all systems we provide

• After sales service and support

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