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Hot water Production Heat pumps
for Domestic and Commercial use and
Water based heating systems

Calorex Heat pump Range for heating systems, domestic and commercial hot water use.


Heat pumps are proven to reduce emissions by an average of 50% compared to fossil fuel boilers or electric heating, making them the most effective way of reducing the home heating with lashings of hot water impact on both the environment and domestic fuel costs. Fitting a heat pump will help you, the homeowner, significantly reduce your energy bills as it can deliver up to 4kW of useful heat for every 1kW of energy needed to run it.


Calorex Commercial Heat Pumps


Typical applications:
Hotels, Restaurants, Hospitals, Schools, any project with a regular demand for hot water.




AW250SC, AW450SC Heat Recovery and Heat Pump systems


  • The AW250/450 SC range consists of compact wall mounted air cooling units designed for use in beer cellars, kitchens and small hot water plant rooms, ie. heat recovery for space cooling or heat recovery for hot water production.


AW834H, AW1234H, AW1534H, AW3034H, AW7034H 


  • These units are floor standing machines requiring a three phase electrical supply, and are ideally suited to hot water production up to 70ºC. They may also be considered for larger heat recovery for space cooling or heat recovery for hot water production applications.


Pro-Pac Range of Hot Water Heat Pumps 


  • The Pro-Pac range of heat pumps are designed for hot water production to 70ºC.  These units will require a three phase supply and are designed to be sited without the use of ducting.

​Our company offers: 

Wholesale and Retail Sales to Professionals and end users  Installation of all systems we provide

• After sales service and support

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