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DEVI Control Units



The Devireg thermostats mark the difference! They are the heart and brain of the systems and for every application DEVI has the ideal matching fully electronic control unit, whether you want to just keep the floors warm, if you want a total direct heating solution or if you want to use storage heating at night tariff – or any combination. We will guide you!

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DEVIreg™ Smart


The discreet and timeless design of the square-shaped touchscreen makes
the DEVIreg™ Smart fit perfectly into any modern design interior.

  • Simple and intuitive touchscreen operation

  • Sleek, stylish design that fits all frames with 55 x 55 hole

  • The smartest, coolest-looking controller on the market

Usability features

  • Control heating from anywhere, at any time

  • A single DEVIreg™ Smart thermostat can be paired with up to 10 mobile devices

  • using DEVIsmart™ App

  • With one DEVIsmart™ App you are able to control as many locations with as many DEVIreg™ Smart thermostats as you need

  • Can communicate with two mobile devices simultaneously




Devireg Touch


The DEVIreg™ Touch is an intuitive programmable timer thermostat used for controlling electrical floor heating elements. The thermostat is designed for fixed installation only and due to the special designed 2-part construction it fits a wide range of frames and sensors.
The DEVIreg™ Touch is fast and intuitive to setup using the built-in wizard. It has an energy-saving program – including an optimum start/end control ensuring the desired temperature at the correct time and thereby reducing the heating costs.






Devireg™ 530 series


Devireg™ 530 with floor sensor 
Devireg™ 531 with a built-in room sensor 
Devireg™ 532 with a built-in room sensor and a floor sensor

Product Features:

  • Double pole safety breaker

  • Low standby consumption

  • Sensor failure monitoring

  • Suitable for use inside bathrooms - IP 31

  • 15 A

Devilink™. Wi-Fi


Devilink™ is a new and innovative electrical floor heating wireless control system. The system consists of a centrally placed main unit (touch screen) used to control sensors and thermostats throughout the house. This means that you can control the temperatures of your entire house from one central controller.”


The system consists of Devilink CC, a centrally placed main unit used for control of Devilink FT (floor thermostat) and Devilink RS (room sensor).

Product Features

  • 3,5’’ Color resistive touch screen

  • Away mode – plan your vacation.

  • Frost protection

  • Control all rooms from one centrally placed controller

  • Transmission range up to 30 metres.

Domestic Applications 
Wireless heating control making it possible to control all temperatures in the home from one central point.

​Our company offers: 

Wholesale and Retail Sales to Professionals and end users  Installation of all systems we provide

• After sales service and support

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