Danfoss Hydronic Floor Heating 

We provide optimum floor heating solutions by Danfoss which offers a complete range of products for HFH. We can offer supply and installation of the system or supply of materials to professionals. 

Danfoss HFH Products




Danfoss FH Pipes are high quality multilayer pipes for floor heating applications. The composite pipes have an aluminum core making 100% oxygen tight and minimizes the thermal expansion of the pipe.

The PE-RT pipes are full plastic pipes very similar to PEX pipes but fully recyclable because the PE-RT material does not need cross linking. The FH pipes are available in the dimension of 16 and 20 mm

 Manifolds (with or without flowmeters)


The Danfoss floor heating manifolds are used for heat regulation in floor heating systems. Both flow and return manifold have 1” connections, with connections for between 2 to 12 heating circuits. The manifold is equipped with Danfoss’ integrated valves with pre-setting for easy installation and commissioning. The valves are controlled by Danfoss' TWA thermal actuators. A full range of manifold accessories, including brackets, end sections with drain taps and automatic air vents, ball valves, thermometer and reduction pieces, is available

Controllers and Thermostats


Wired -  The Danfoss FH hardwired floor heating control is a control system with room thermostats connected to a central unit by electrical wires. The system includes three types of room thermostats - standard, featured (e.g. with floor sensor) and tamperproof.
An integrated timer (optional) for the connection box enables the system to be divided into two zones with individuel temperature control.


Wireless - The CF2 system consists of Master Controllers with 5 and 10 outputs respectively, four types of room thermostats, a repeater unit, a remote controller, a wireless relay and a dew sensor. All parts are based on advanced technology, which enables unique functional qualities. Furthermore, the CF2 system is very easy to install, operate and service. With the CF2 system you can adjust the room temperature separately in the various rooms and thus obtain optimal adjustment and energy savings of the entire floor heating and cooling system and a very high level of comfort.


Speed Up Hydronic Floor Heating System


Danfoss SpeedUp™ and SpeedUp Eco™ floor heating systems offer fast installation and maximum user comfort. The SpeedUp™ system is a fast reacting floor heating system which saves you energy and maximizes comfort by low heat up times and even surface temperature. The system heats up your floor surface in less than 30 minutes enabling the possibility for night and daytime working hours setback. Energy consumption is minimized by only heating up your floor surface contradictory to more conventional floorheating systems. In addition to energy savings SpeedUp Eco™ offers products manufactured using environmentally friendly materials. 





SpeedUp Heat Panels


SpeedUp combines fast and easy installation with durable and efficient solutions. The SpeedUp heat panels consists of 30mm EPS 035 Polystyrene with integrated aluminum heat diffusion layer which ensures an even heat distrubution to the floor. SpeedUp heat panels comes in two types, one with 250mm pipe centre distance and one with 125mm pipe centre distance for surfaces with greater heat demand. The SpeedUp system allows installations to be executed as dry constructions without the need for concrete or screed. Finished floor can be applied directly on the SpeedUp heat panels or in combination with other products depending on the floor type. The SpeedUp system is the easy way to achieve maximum control over your floor heating.

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