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Eliminates 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and mould.

NTP: An evolved form of ionization

Air ionization is a natural phenomenon which occurs spontaneously whenever a molecule is subjected to the action of an energy process in which the total amount of energy is higher than that of the molecule itself. In practical terms, when we add energy to a molecule, the latter "pulls" an electron from the outermost part of the molecule and, as a result of the electrical imbalance, the molecule (atom) takes on the positive electrical charge. 


The NTP technology artificially creates ionization of air through the so-called "Cold Plasma".


It is considered the safest process to oxidise and decompose pollutants; the process is scalable, according to the sanitisation requirements.

NTP is therefore a physical phenomenon generated at room temperature, which uses the air as a gaseous mixture transforming it into an ionized gas consisting of various electrically charged particles: electrons, ions, atoms and molecules that collide with each other producing oxidizing species; the reactivity of particles causes oxidation phenomena able to disaggregate volatile organic compounds, bacteria, microorganisms, odours.

The "freed" electron from the outer orbit is fixed immediately onto another atom that takes on a negative electric charge.  Each atom has a well defined probability of becoming a negative or positive atom depending on the saturation of the peripheral crown.  In nature, ions are produced by solar radiation, by friction of the winds on the surface of the earth, by thunderstorms, rain and other atmospheric events, by the absorption of cosmic rays, by the collision of particles with kinetic energy. 

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JONIX CUBE - Against Microbial Contamination


Jonix CUBE is an air purification device; it is a design equipment that uses an advanced technology called cold plasma to eliminate bacteria, mould, viruses, pollutants and odours. Air pollution directly affects the body's vital functions and our ability to stay healthy.


CUBE creates the ideal conditions for the body, guaranteeing better general health: it provides relief in case of breathing difficulties in asthmatic and allergic people, optimizing their respiratory functions; it improves the vital functions and increases the absorption of oxygen by the body.


CUBE protects against airborne microbial contaminations in any area where there are a lot of people and in crowded rooms.

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Jonix Mate and Minimate are non-thermal plasma air filtration and sanitisation devices. The three filtering levels (G4 + F7 + H) and the sanitisation function ensure absolute filtration of airborne dusts and eliminate 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and mould.
Jonix MATE and MINIMATE are mobile air filtration and sanitisation devices. The biocidal activity and neutralization of pollutants takes place within a maximum of 60 minutes from starting the appliance. Continuous operation prevents the spread of contaminants generated during activities; it also generates the microclimate and comfort conducive to reducing work-related stress in the perspective of the protection and promotion of health in the workplace.
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A product that guarantees continuous sanitisation, even while activities are being carried out.

The biocidal action and neutralization of pollutants is measurable after the first few hours of use. The continuous operation of the device prevents the spreading of bacterial contamination generated during activities.

The remarkable versatility and the different fastening solutions means that the device can adapt to all environments and can be installed in small spaces.
Depending on the needs, the Steel devices can be easily fixed to the wall (in horizontal or vertical position) and to the ceiling. 
It is made of Aisi 304 stainless teel, a technical material also used in operating rooms for its hygiene and anti-corrosion properties.

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Sanitisation of inner surfaces of air distribution Ducts, CMV, Fan coil units and ATU.

Jonix inside devices prevent the formation of chemical and biological contaminants (moulds, bacteria and legionella) on inner surfaces of distribution ducts and air treatment machines, and in the surrounding air. 
Sanitisation takes place continuously, thus preventing dust deposits from becoming the ideal substrate for the development of mould and bacteria.

Given the recent regulations on construction and the longstanding practice of using controlled mechanical ventilation in architectural design (CMV), JONIX has created, a cold-plasma sanitisation and decontamination module for the purification and decontamination of aeraulic ducts, designed to be easily installed wherever you want to prevent or eliminate the formation of bacterial colonies on the surfaces of pipelines

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