• Radiator Thermostats

  • Introducing Danfoss Living and Danfoss Link – Wireless temperature control all around the house.


    Danfoss Link is intelligent and wireless communication technology on the inside and stylish on the outside with its timeless design. For total control of your indoor environment, living connect radiator thermostats work wirelessly with Danfoss Link, bringing you the highest performance in home heating control. A user-friendly interface with a colourful touchscreen makes operating a Danfoss Link simple. It is one of the most immediate, most convenient and most cost-effective ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency

    Danfoss radiator thermostats are an energy saving, reliable, efficient and user-friendly way to control your heat consumption.   Danfoss radiator thermostats maintain constant desired room temperatures, individually room by room and help to reduce energy consumption. They can save approximately 20% compared to a manually operated valve due to utilization of free heat gains and constant room temperature.

    The perfect temperature for any environment. Living eco is the most cost-effective means of controlling home energy consumption. It is intelligent, user-friendly and can be set according to your exact needs. Smart features such as the open-window function help avoid wasting energy by automatically regulating heat when a room is being aired. living ecos away function can automatically reduce the home temperature while you are away, and warm it up again before you return – without sacrificing comfort. living eco offers simplicity and savings for your house or apartment.