• Discrete, stylish heating for undercover outdoor and indoor open areas

    Using the radiant heating principle, HEATSTRIP® can provide effective and energy efficient comfort heating for undercover outdoor and indoor open areas. HEATSTRIP® has successfully enabled many entertainment venues such as restaurants, pubs and clubs to utilise their outdoor dining areas day and night, through all seasons.


    Subtle, minimalist design

    The stylish, slimline black face of the HEATSTRIP® does not emit light or glow when in use, blending elegantly into your décor. Ceiling, wall and umbrella mounting options ensure that your valuable floor and table space is not wasted. Optional HEATSTRIP® accessories include beam or fixed umbrella mount brackets, extension mount brackets, chain suspension brackets, twin mount brackets and flush mounting enclosures.


    Minimal maintenance

    The HEATSTRIP® incorporates no internal moving parts ensuring quiet and virtually maintenance free operation.


    • Complete with adjustable mounting supports suitable for walls and ceilings
    • The device comes with an electric lead and plug. (1500 W + 2400 W) 3200 W no plug
    • The radiation panel itself is black, and produces no red glow
    • Voltage 230V
    • The maximum mounting height is 3.00 m
    • The recommended mounting height is approx. 2.50 m
    • The heaters are certified IP55 waterproof. This means that the Heatstrips are 100% rain and weatherproof
    • The minimum mounting height is 2.10 m, for safety reasons (the radiation panel surface reaches a temperature of at least 350°C)