• Heating Cables and Mats

  •  DEVIflex™ electric heating cable


    DEVI, has been designing and manufacturing electric heating cables for over 50 years. The latest innovation, DEVIflex™, combines increased strength with outstanding flexibility and durability.

    This innovative new heating cable is a worthy successor to the highly successful DTIP product it replaces. We are so confident of the quality of DEVIflex™ that every cable comes with our unique new 20-year DEVIwarranty™. This comprehensive warranty even includes the cost of installation and floor material involved!


    Deviflex heating Cables also have many outdoor applications – Frost protection, pipe tracing, snow melting etc.



    For renovation, the ultrathin Devimat can be installed directly in the tile glue enabling you to make a new floor on top of the old one.


    DEVI floor heating systems work efficiently under all kinds of floor coverings: Ceramic tiles, natural stone, marble, terrazzo or wood, wooden parquet, laminates or wooden planks, any type of wall to wall carpets, linoleum etc.

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