• Mirror Heating Mats and Electric Towel Rails   Anti-steam Mirror Mats

    We all know how irritating steamed-up mirrors can be, and mirrors have a tendency to steam up quickly – particularly in small bathrooms. However, a simple and invisible solution to the problem is available, in the form of a heating mat or heating foil fitted behind the mirror. The mat heats the mirror to eliminate the effects of the temperature difference.

    You can set up the mirror-heating mat to switch on together with the bathroom light. This provides you with “no-steam” comfort, and consumes no more energy thana standard 60W light bulb.


    Available dimensions DEVI Heating mat (for mirrors fixed to the wall with glue-silicone)

    • 50x70cm 50W
    • 60x60cm 50W
    • 60x80cm 70W

    DEVI Foil for Mirrors (for mirrors fixed to the wall with frame)

    274x358mm 17,5W

    410x524mm   40W

    708x524mm 70W

    Power supply 230 volts, IP44, Class II Approved by SGS to EN Norm BS EN 60335-1:2002+* Amd.1 to 6 and BS EN 60335-2-30:2003+*Amd.1&2

    It is easy to fit the heating mat behind the mirror. It presents no problem for any experienced DIY enthusiast. However, please remember that connections to the mains power supply must be carried out by an authorised electrician.

    Electric Towel Rails

    The DEVI towel-drier means warm, dry towels for all the family – all day long. The towel-drier is easy to install and is ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, utility rooms and holiday homes. The towel drier is also sure to please hotel guests. The DEVI towel-drier is a low-energy product that uses no more current than an ordinary light bulb. The design is simple and looks good with all kinds of interior design. It is available in three sizes in both chrome and white.


    • H20
    • 20 W at 230 V 220/230 V
    • 220/230 V
    • Height: 282 mm
    • Width: 553,5 mm
    • Depth: 120 mm


    • H40
    • 40W at 230 V
    • 220/230 V
    • Height: 482 mm
    • Width: 582 mm
    • Depth: 120 mm
    • H60
    • 60 W at 230 V
    • 220/230 V
    • Height: 682 mm
    • Width: 553,5 mm
    • Depth: 120 mm


        Devi-027         Devi-028         Devi-029